Who are these….
Men of the East

In 2017 leaders from parishes in Knox, Licking, and Muskingum counties met at St. Leonard’s Church in Heath to prepare for the 2018 Columbus Catholic Men’s Conference.  The conversation turned to ideas on how we could support each other as Catholic Men all year round.  The result of that conversation is the Men Of The East.
We are a Catholic Men’s Laity Ministry following the Risen Star of Christ. We are comprised of all practicing catholic men attending the twelve parishes in Knox, Licking & Muskingum counties in Ohio.

Men Of The East exists

  • To support, strengthen and help maximize the spiritual growth of men of the Catholic Church: through prayer, scripture reading, sponsoring gatherings for all men, and promoting the work of other Catholic Organizations.  
  • To help men grow in the following areas: Living as a Catholic Man, Marriage and Family, and becoming the Spiritual Leaders they are called to be in communities, parishes, and their own homes.

Member Parishes:

Current projects include

  • Prepare and support the Columbus Catholic Men’s Conference 
  • Sponsor a Catholic Men’s Retreat each year, approximately six months after the Columbus Catholic Men’s Conference 
  • Sponsor a Traveling Men’s Holy Hour of Adoration with Reflection to be held the second Thursday of each month.  We will rotate locations to include each of the twelve parishes in a year’s time.